The Rewards of Volunteering

Volunteering is an opportunity to receive while giving. Many institutions and organizations need help in various ways and seek to fill those needs through volunteers.  Although there is no monetary compensation for work performed, you can gain an advantage by gaining skills, enhancing your craft or social networking.

Students who are under the leagal oage to work for wages can volunteer and gain the skill of working with others to complete tasks efficiently.  This experience can be used in future job opportunities and possibly increase his or her chances of being hired at a paying job.

Volunteering gives people of all ages and experience levels a chance to enhance their craft.  when tutoring students, in math, reading, science or a foreign language, it helps to sharpen the skills already possessed.

A social network can be the result of  volunteering. Non profit jobs tend to present the opportunity to meet people who could possibly benefit from future career investment. Some individuals have landed a paying  job when volunteering .

Offering your time and talents can have many rewards in addition to the personal satisfaction you can get from helping others. You can get started in volunteering at your place of worship, United Way, unicef, American Red Cross or Volunteer Match


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