Online Tutoring


As this new semester begins, one of many goals students have is to get the best grades in all courses they are enrolled in. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to know what areas you are weak in and seek help in those areas within each subject. Math classes or classes with a strong math base tend to give students their biggest challenge. In most cases theses challenges should not be met alone. There are many resources to assist in understanding mathematical concepts. In addition to on campus tutoring , online tutoring can help you through learning obstacles.

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit educational organization that allows you to “learn almost anything for free”.  This website is choc full of educational topics involving math in some way.

The next website, gives “thousands of online math lessons with your own personal teacher”! Every lesson has videos, practice problems, self-test, worksheets and notes.  Some of their tutorials are on YouTube.  Accessing the full site will cost $49.50 for a month or $199.50 for a year.

Finally YouTube has numerous videos from various math tutors covering basic math topics to more difficult topics such as calculus. Some of the tutoring channels  discovered are the math world, midnight tutor, and college algebra with the University of Missouri Kansas City each have video instructions.

In closing, hopefully this post will assist in breaking through your learning obstacles resulting in the grades you desire to have on your transcript.


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