Seeking Out Support When Parents Aren’t Sure About You Attending College




Normally, it is assumed that when a high school student announces they want to attend college their parent(s) or legal guardian will support them in that decision.  An unfortunate fact is this may not be the case.  Some parents may feel uneasy about their child attending college due to lack of financial means to make it happen or possibly being unfamiliar with how to help them get into college.

If you are a student who is facing opposition from family about your decision to go to college you need to find trustworthy individuals who will encourage you and help guide you through the process of getting into an institute of higher learning.

As a high school student you automatically have an advocate in your guidance counselor.  A high school a counselors general responsibility is to  promote and enhance academic, personal, social, and career development of all students. A favorite teacher who has your best interest at heart should be easy for you to discuss your goal of attending college.  You may also want to talk to some of the professionals like your

If you reach out to reliable people who can steer you in the right direction in getting into a university, those individuals can turn into your advocates and possibly relieving you parents  of some of the doubts and pressures they have in the role they have in you attending college.

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