Preparing Students for College in Middle School



 Preparation for college can never really begin to soon.  As a parent your child can benefit from you encouraging them in middle school. Here are a few steps that may be helpful.

  • Start by casually asking your son or daughter how they fell about college.


  • Approaches the school guidance counselor about having alumni from local universities speak to students about their college experience.


  • Find other parents who want to expose their children to college via the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  Forming a relationship with like minded parents will expose you to helpful ideas outside of your own.
  • When a student has a strong academic foundation in their middle grades  he or she can focus on classed that will be beneficial in college. Subjects your child may be week in should be top priority in improving. So you want to focus on strengthening your child’s academic muscle.
  • Have your son or daughter take a college tour through a community program or initiate one yourself.

I hope that these tips are helpful in paving the way to a successful journey towards college for a student in junior high.



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