College Career Centers


Attending a college or university is a much utilized avenue toward a professional career.  Although many students have it in their minds to have a good career after post secondaryschool, several don’t fully take advantage of numerous resources available to them while enrolled in college. One of these resources is the career placement center; located on main campus.

 In many cases, corporations are sponsors of career placement centers as they facilitate being a bridge connecting students to recruiters from corporations and government agencies as well as graduate and professional schools. Students can prepare for interviews and research companies and graduate schools that will be recruiting on campus.  This is where you want to go to enhance your ability to attract potential employers or chances of getting into graduate school by using assets such as.

There are many asset enhancing conveniences available such as mock interviews, resume and cover letter workshops, and Assessment, Advising and Action Plans for graduate or professional school.  If these are utilized while a student is trying to obtain a degree, the process of transitioning to a career or graduate school will be a much smoother one. 

Hopefully, if you are a student in undergraduate school you will use this resource to take you to the next level.



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